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2Hands Assistance Website helping those in need for over 6 years!
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The Ugly Website with a Beautiful Purpose.
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Our Holiday Season section is now open. It may still seem early, but
now is the time to start posting, so those who may be able to help
you for Thanksgiving or Christmas can start a dialogue with you.
Simply click the Post a Need button below to start. Wanting to
help? Simply click the Help a Posting button below to browse
postings of people who simply need a helping hand. Thank You!
Welcome to 2Hands!
"Hello 2Hands Team!
I wanted to let you know I was able to meet A
my and her parents. We first  went to the grocery store, where we stocked them up on food (they
were completely out). I also left some cash as they could no longer pay for their
motel room and were 3 days from becoming homeless. I know
that all I did was buy them some time, but they let me know they were very actively hunting for jobs in the immediate vicinity, so there is hope.
The meeting was absolutely powerful for all of us. Being used as God's instrument of mercy is an honor and humbling experience, and the true
humbleness, joy, and relief of the recipients is indescribably uplifting.
The power we have to affect people simply by being there and helping is
vastly underrated in our society. In fact, it's plain unheard of. I believe this is the way charity was meant to be: Face to face, and personal.
to faceless, nameless charities that sometimes give only cents on the dollar so pales in comparison to the 2Hands experience. Not only
that, but the whole spiritual component is missing with the national charities, and that, in the end, is the most important part.

So...THANK YOU for all that you do. NONE of this would happen without your
tireless efforts. Sleep well knowing you've had a hand in all the
things that happen as a result of your website. Your Brother in Christ!" Ken - Tennessee
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