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Thank you for visiting 2Hands.  2Hands was created for one sole
and intentional purpose.. to help those who have fallen a bit.
One hand reaching out for another...

Now, can you help us? It's easy!!
Our biggest obstacle is publicity. Spreading the word of
the 2Hands resource is of the utmost and we work hard  
everyday to make the site known.                           
Do you have a Facebook page? A Myspace page?
Do you have a Blog or are you part of an online group?
Please take just a minute and use those resources to
tell a little about 2Hands and our mission.
We would ask and encourage you to e-mail all you
know about this site and ask them to do the same.
Just a few minutes... amazing change.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for
doing this.


The 2 Hands team
Helping Us Spread The Word About The
People In Need On 2Hands
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