How Works...
2Hands lives as a platform for people with a need to be hopefully found by
someone with a hand to give. Like you! Over the ten years that 2Hands has
been online, we have formed an Assembly of Helpers which is a growing group
of now over 6,000 nationwide people and growing each day who have devoted
themselves to possibly helping a posting if they feel they can.

For those in need, the premise is simple: You Register > You Post Your Need
> You Activate the Helpers > If someone is able to help you, we give them your
contact information and they contact you directly.

For those wanting to help, you browse postings and hopefully connect with
one you feel able to help one-on-one. You let us know, following the simple
directions on the posting itself, and we then send you via email that postings
contact information so you can begin a dialogue where assistance can then be

Over 40,000 people have been connected through 2Hands. From the single
mom with no food at all for her baby to the large family about to be evicted.
People Helped. We are humbled.

Please know that while there is NO guarantee of help by posting your need on
2Hands - We are an amazingly successful assistance platform and your need is
welcome with us! We are different from other assistance sites in that we have a
solid community of returning helpers, and that we allow people to assist others
on a very personal level.

If you have any further questions about 2Hands and how we work, please
browse our FAQ from the menu above. If you feel ready to post a need, please
choose the 'Post a Need' button from the menu above.

If you would like to look over postings of people in need, please choose the 'Help
Another' button from the menu above.

We want to thank you for visiting. We are sending a hug and we are here if you
have questions.
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