Posting Tips......
Posting on can be an emotional experience. You may even have doubts or
fears about asking for help online.....

It is OK. Also know that it is OK to ask for help as we have all been there.

The following tips have been gathered over the many years we have been doing this.
Please take note of them carefully as adhering to them can truly mean the difference in
receiving help or not.

Tip #1: NEVER exaggerate your need! It is obvious when you do. Your posting will be
overlooked, as the people who may be able to help you are very good at what they do
and know when someone is stretching the truth. Besides, if someone does decide to
assist you, your exaggeration will be found out when the assistance process begins.

Tip #2: ALWAYS be detailed! While you are not allowed to post any personally
identifying information, it is vital you give as much truthful detail as possible so people
can better determine if they will be able to assist or not.

Tip #3: BE NICE!!! Please and thank you goes A LONG WAY!!!!

Tip #4: DO NOT BE DEMANDING! The below are actual unedited postings that were
placed on

>>>"If I don't receive money for my rent by the 5th, I will be on the streets. So do not
delay in paying my rent. Send the needed 1,200 to me and I will handle the rest.

>>>"My children want the following for Christmas: An xbox (must be brand new), my
oldest wants a bike, (he will not ride anything but a mountain bike so keep that in
mind), I would like some jewelry. Do not send wrapped gifts as I want to be able to
check them and wrap them myself. Do not call after 7PM as I will not answer the

>>>"I am wanting food for the next couple of weeks. I do not like store brand foods so
do not provide that. Del Monte fruits, Campbells soups etc. only. I do not like steaks
with much fat or with bones and ground beef must be 9% fat or less. I will need the
food delivered to me and would like to be able to go through what is brought so I can
send back what is not acceptable.

>>>"As school is starting soon I need clothes for my children. NO WALMART
CLOTHES!! I will know if they are! My daughter wants Missme jeans (Can be found at
Macy's) size 2. I saw a pair with a heart shaped pattern on the pocket. That kind only
please. Any tops that match are acceptable, but nothing that looks cheap. My son is
needing shoes, nike or adidas only. He cares, as well as I do, about how he looks so
keep that in mind.

There are many more like the above, but we think you get the picture. Do you think
anyone requested to assist the above? No, they did not.

Tip #5: Allow people the option to pay a utility or mortgage or other directly. When you
give this option, is certainly makes you more credible.

Tip #6: USE PROPER GRAMMAR!! Get to know spell check! This is obviously not an
English class, and there is no test, but trust us - If you write a grammatically correct
posting, your chances of receiving help dramatically increase! Not every one is a good
writer, including me, so have a friend look it over or write it first in a word program that
will highlight errors and then copy and paste it into the posting field on 2Hands.

Tip #7: DO NOT CUSS! Your ex may be a $#%@^, and you think the government has
#%#$@ you over..... but people are often offended with bad language. So take a
breath and write nicely. Besides, our posting filters will probably catch you.

Below are ACTUAL postings of people who received help because they adhered to all
of the above:

>>>"I would like to start off by saying thank you for reading my posting. Writing this
was not easy and I have written it over 6 times. How does one ask for help? Well, here
it goes... I have made some bad decisions over the past 3 months that have left me
with no place to stay. I am a veteran, I am proud but I am homeless. I am simply
seeking a bed for a week or two so I can think straight. Get myself in order. Have a hot
shower. I am not asking for money. Just someplace to call safe for just a bit. Thank

>>>"I have a 4 year old boy who thinks the world around him is a wonderful place. How
do I tell him otherwise? His dad left us both, we have no money, my family is one
mother who is an alcoholic and lives 4 states away. I keep a happy face but want to
run away. His birthday is in 2 weeks and I have nothing to give him. I can barely keep
him fed. I feel like the biggest failure. I am writing to kindly ask for a simple present or
two so he has something to open. Coloring books or stuffed animals would be
wonderful! There is no true way to express how much this would mean to me. Written
with thanks and hope!

>>>"School is starting in 3 weeks. Can someone please help me provide my 2
children with the required items to begin? I cannot even afford the pencils. The school
has given them a list and the total for everything for both of my children would be about
60 dollars. I know this is asking a lot, but I am out of options. Just knowing that people
who care are even reading this means a lot! If someone is willing, I can provide you
with the list of items needed I received from the school. Thank you!

>>>"4 Children - No power. Freezing outside. Seems even colder inside. Does this
happen in America? Let me tell you yes because I am living it. The power company
has turned our power off. We owe $397.00 - You are probably thinking we
mismanaged our money, but we did not. We both lost our jobs, we had to feed the
kids, our savings are gone and here we sit. NO where to turn except to the hopefully
kind people reading this. I know this is probably a stretch, but if anyone is willing to
help, I can provide you direct account information to pay them directly. I am so broken
right now. Even words of encouragement are welcome.

So we ask you: Have you posted a need on 2Hands? After reading the above do you
feel your posting is a good one? If not POST AGAIN!!!! If you have not yet posted on
2Hands but are thinking about it, we hope you find the above useful!

We are here to find you someone who can hopefully help and having a good posting is

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