Getting help, and helping others, made easy!
Please read this first....
Thank you for making the decision to look for another that is simply asking for
a hand. Many people each day are assisted through the 2Hands Website
because of kind hearts like yours that are willing to step outside of their
comfort zone and give of their resources to bring change into another's life.

We are often asked how people who want to help can be sure the postings
are valid. This is an acceptable question. 2Hands requires those wanting to
post a request in the 2Hands website to first register.

During registration, they are required to provide a complete name, physical
address, verifiable phone number and a  verifiable and valid email address.
Any posting placed on the site that has not properly registered with all of the
required information is removed. If you find a posting you feel you can assist,
there is a quick form we ask you to fill out which includes the posting number
(the posting number is the light blue text prior to the posting). When we
receive your request, we then email you the email address of the party who
placed the posting.

You can then start a safe dialogue before proceeding with the assistance.
Common sense plays a huge part of the 2Hands site and by clicking continue,
you completely release 2Hands from any and all outcomes that may stem
from the use of this website.

While we cannot 100% guarantee the validity of each posting, we do have
safeguards in place, monitor the site constantly, and can say that in over 6
years and tens of thousands of postings, there have only been a couple of
reports of people with less than good intentions.

Thousands of lives have been changed and we thank you for making a
difference. Thank you for being an Angel!

Click Here to find someone in need near you.
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