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2Hands.org relies on those using the site to shout out about the people
in need on the site. As one combined voice, those in need on the site
can actually be heard when so often, people are not listening.

e just need your voice. We humbly ask for you to help spread the
word about the people in need on 2Hands.org and by doing so keeps
the shouts of those in need heard, and not muted like is so often the

How can you do this?
>>Can you give us a like on Facebook or even make a posting on your
Facebook page about 2Hands.org? This in NO WAY connects your
need to Facebook but simply lets others know you support what we do.

>>Would you be willing to share us on Twitter or any other social media
outlet you use? You can use @2handswebsite or #2handswebsite

>>Can you email those on your contact list telling them you know about
a resource that connects those in need with people who help and that it
is called 2Hands.org and you support them and simply ask that they
email their friends as well? This simple act is powerful and could easily
mean a child is fed, or a families utilities are turned back on.

>>Can you just send us a prayer? A prayer that we can continue to
serve as a successful resource for people in need?

>>We often find that users are the most creative people when thinking
of ways to spread the word. If you help in another way, can you let us

Maybe you do not want to help spread the word at all. This is OK and
in no way changes your posting on 2Hands.org

Whatever you choose, please complete the form below to let us know.
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