From our Files....
Just A Few Successful Assistance Stories....
"Today my lights were turned back on. I do not know the name of the person who saved
me, but as I watch my children breathe a sigh of relief as their mom is no longer a stressed
out crazy woman. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish I could give you a huge
- Kelly, Dallas
"The amazing comfort in knowing that their are still people out there who care about
people in need. I know you did not want me to know who you were, and while I still do not, I
saw you as you walked away after placing easily 2 weeks worth of groceries on my front
step. You are a true Angel and I cannot thank you enough. Just amazing and thank you
- Noelle, Pittsburgh
"2Hands, someone today sent me enough money to cover not only my rent, but to pay my
utility bill for the next 2 months. Does this really happen? Well it has and I am still
speechless. I have been given a ray of hope and I am thanking you and the person that
changed my life."
- Michelle, Charlotte
"Just an FYI - Today I took the family shopping and purchased all they needed to start school
with all of the supplies they would need. I also got each child a new outfit. It was a very
rewarding experience and thank you for having this site. I am passing it along to my friends
and will check back often."
- Jill, Atlanta
"My children and I dropped off one months worth of formula as requested by posting 379834.
The mom was in tears and my children just learned a lesson that could never be taught in a
school. I have found this simple act of kindness to be life-changing. What a wonderful thing.
Thank you!"
- Michael, Seattle
"A kind man and his son came to day and completely rebuilt my wheelchair ramp. This has been
an amazing act of God's love as I have prayed for someone to help me for a while. I have been
unable to even check my mail because my ramp had fallen apart. To Bill and his son, THANK
YOU! And a thank you to you also 2Hands. All just a miracle."
- Victoria, Phoenix
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"Posting number 274467 has been helped. I bought her clothing , food and hair items along
with audio books and puzzles. I am very happy to have helped a complete stranger and make
someones holiday. Unfortunately I cannot help any one else this year but I'm happy I made a
difference in someone else's life. I will help again as soon as I can. I also made a friend out of
this and that is a special gift to me. Thank you guys for what you do."
- Korina, Minnesota
"First of all I just want to say you guys are doing a wonderful thing! I found this site last year and
my family ended up purchasing Christmas gifts for 15 kids. It was such a rewarding experience
that I have already started my search for families to help this year! I still keep in touch with some
of the people we met last year and will be helping 2 of them again. I guess I'm writing because last
year I requested many of the families at the last minute and that is when I became aware of the 1
request at a time policy. After e-mailing Jon and explaining my situation I got the go ahead and
everything worked out fine. I just wanted to contact you beforehand because I did request 1
listing earlier today but I would like to submit another. I live 20 minutes from the nearest shopping
and I prefer to shop for more than 1 at a time. I have been shopping and wrapping and will let you
know when the gifts are in the mail and that 1 family has been helped. If there are any problems
please let me know. Thanks for everything you do! If there is ever anything I can do to help your
cause please let me know!"
- Stacy, Minnesota
"An elderly couple is assisting my family and I this Christmas...Thank you so much" - Nancy, San Jose, Ca.
" I am just writing to have my post removed. Also to say thank you. Because of your site my wish for help for
my boys for the holiday were answered. Thank you and all of your members for taking the time to help others
and caring for strangers. "
- Tracy, Phoenix, Az.
"I contacted this GREAT grandmother raising a three year old child..will be meeting them Dec 15th with at
least two gifts for this child...wish i could change their life..but every little bit helps...right?.. please release
more of my request...this is such a me."
- Linda, Lakeland Fl.
"I just got a call from my angel and i wanted to tell you that this website is AMAZING! if it wasn't for you guys
my 3 year olds will not have a Christmas but thanks to you they will. Thank you so much words can not
express how grateful I am for you guys thinking of this website and my angel. You guys are GREAT!"
- Ann,
North Versailles, Va.
"Good Morning:
I have been in contact with Sarah, and I am in the process of sending her a check. With this money, she will
be able to purchase the requested items for her son, and more. I will make sure that Sarah and her family
have a nice Christmas."
- Robert, Indianapolis, In.
"I would like my posting removed. A wonderful woman has helped my son. Thank you so much for providing
this service. Thanks to you, my son will have warm winter clothes."
- Toni, Portland, Or.
"Hi Jill and The 2Hands Team-
We have helped Monica and her son with almost 100lbs of food sent + personal toiletries for both, treats,
books, etc... and some cash and a few Christmas gifts, though they did not ask for that.  We felt to help them
more than they had originally asked for.  We will probably stay in contact with her to help her into the future
as well."
- Melinda, East Mckeesport, Pa.
"I just wanted to updated you on the recent information that you had sent me for Gloria. I met with her and
her husband yesterday and gave them a medical shower chair, a microwave and two trash bags full of
clothes for them both including a winter jacket along with a few other little things. Thank you for providing
me with the information so that I was able to be an Angel for someone!
Merry Christmas!"
- Michelle, Conroe, Tx.
"Thank you for the opportunity to help someone else in need. I was able to help with paying their rent and
cash to buy groceries and other necessities. They were overwhelmed and very grateful. God bless each of
you involved in this program. Merry Christmas! Joanne"
- Joanna, Amherst, Oh.
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"I write this near the end of my life. I know that I have only a few weeks to live but needed to write this so
that I may express what the last 6 months have meant to me. As I reached the end of my days, I found myself
in a place I never thought possible... alone and without a single penny. Of the two, I despaired far more over
being alone. I had been diagnosed and had not one family member or friend to turn to. I had stopped being
able to go to church a long while ago, and the occasional visits from church members and elders quickly
dwindled. I would sit each day in my chair, alone. I used to be someone. I was a teacher. I was a community
leader. I traveled. I am well educated. My friends called me the life of the party. But as the years passed and
my money slowly left me and my age slowly encroached and my illness took over, this life of the party became
someone I didn't even like being around. Why in the world would anyone want to be around me as well. I
quickly found myself without so many things. Things of true necessity. I found myself without food. I found
myself without the small things to keep me feeling human. I found myself thinking it might be best to end, me.
Then the knock that changed my life. A young man, soliciting lawn care in my neighborhood stood at my door.
He was kind, charming and ended up speaking with me for over an hour. He left me with a gentle hug and
said while he couldn't help me much because he was broke as well, he would try to do something. Exactly
one week later another knock at my door. This time the young man and another slightly older well dressed
man stood. The older man introduced himself and explained he had read about me through a posting the
young man had placed on His name was Timothy and he wanted to help me. He came in, sat down
and we talked for the rest of the afternoon into the evening. At about dinnertime another knock and there
stood his wife and 2 young daughters. They had brought dinner and quickly cleaned off my dinner table and
set places for all of us. That night, through my sickness and pain, I learned what true unselfish love was. This
family ate with me. Listened to me. Laughed at the things I said and when the evening ended and they were
leaving, they said they loved me. As the door closed, through my smile, my tears flowed.

The next day, and every day thereafter up until the day I sit writing this note, nearly 6 months, that family
became my family They came every day. They brought me food and gifts. The girls brought me hats they made
as I had lost my hair. They took me to ice cream. To a play. They took me back to church and helped me walk
every step of the way and each day as they would head home they would say that they loved me.

I love them too. My time is near and I will finish this up tomorrow God willing."

So this is what an amazingly beautiful woman named Grace wrote. A woman that we were blessed as a family
to meet. A smart, brilliant and funny woman who changed our life. Grace was not able to finish her letter to
2Hands as she passed that same evening. My wife and I on each side of the bed. My daughters who came to
love her more than anything laying, one at each side
holding her hands.

It was a moment full of tears and thanks. For this woman whose only real wish was to not be alone..... was far
from alone when she died and we have come to realize that we actually needed her more than she needed

So thank you to the young man who posted her need on 2Hands, thank you to the creators of the website and thank you Grace for inviting me into your house and allowing me and my family the privilege
of being in your life. You are loved very much.

- Tim - Share this on Facebook
"Thanks to a wonderful Angel I have received a dryer for my son and I. I want to say thank you for this
wonderful site. I am also in the process of trying to help some else. I have also passed this website on to
other people who are in need of help or can help others."
- Beth - Dallas, TX
"I want you to know how much helping people from your site has meant to me. Almost my whole life I've
wanted to help people in this way, but could never figure out how to do it. Giving to giant organizations
was never fulfilling, nor do I think it was meant to be. I believe 2Hands represents charity the
way it's supposed to be: Meeting people face-to-face, and experiencing the emotion associated with
directly helping one's neighbors. Today I was able to help the couple posting their needs with the 6-digit
ID 300300. They were the most humble, loving couple you could imagine. I was able to fill their tank, buy
groceries with them, and then gave them the $300 they requested for their rent/electric bill. They cried
as I handed the gift over to them, and then grabbed my hands to form a circle and we prayed
together spontaneously. The hugs we exchanged before leaving were soooo heartfelt.
On my way home, Heather texted me this (forgive the spelling): "I want you to know we have never meet
a more sincere and kind person in our life's what u did for us reinforces our trust in man kind an the
good Lord above! Please keep our number anything we could do for u would make us smile! Or for
anyone in need! God bless u!"

Now, please know you, the 2Hands team, had a direct part in this. I only wish you could all have been
there to experience this moment with us. I have now successfully given to 3 posters, and each time has
been an unforgettable exchange. I hope you understand just how important you are. You'll only know
all the good you've done once you leave this Earth, but I promise it will be worth the wait!"
- Ken,
"My name is Shelley and just want say THANKS AND GOOD BLESS THE ANGEL who help my buy my lances,test
trips for my diabetes,I will never forget this Angel that Good send me, this website is a BLESSING"
Shelley - North Carolina
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"I accidentally stumbled upon this site this afternoon. Within minutes I had tears dripping from my chin. I am so
thankful that this site exists to help all of the people that are working so hard and still cannot make ends meet.
I chose a certain post that really spoke to my heart. When my husband arrived home from work I told him about
the family that was simply needing food for their kids aged nearly the same as our kids. My husband said "let's
do it", without delay. He called the contact number and requested that the gentleman meet us at the local
grocery store. We spent about $150 on groceries for the family and helped the gentleman load them all into
his car. My husband stood and talked with the gentleman for a few minutes. When he got back in the car tears
were streaming down his face. The man said this, "I was beginning to lose my faith in God. I am the man of the
house, doing everything I can and it's still not enough. Sir, if you EVER need help... a gallon of gas at 2am, a
helping hand... you've got my number. I am a friend of yours now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
I would like to say thank you to you all who help run this site. You are the true angels. Namaste."
J - Arkansas
"Hello 2Hands Team!

I wanted to let you know I was able to meet Kay and her parents. We first  went to the grocery store, where we
stocked them up on food (they were completely out). I also left some cash as they could no longer pay for their
motel room and were 3 days from becoming homeless. I know that all I did was buy them some time, but they
let me know they were very actively hunting for jobs in the immediate vacinity, so there is hope. The meeting
was absolutely powerful for all of us. Being used as God's instrument of mercy is an honor and humbling
experience, and the true humbleness, joy, and relief of the recipients is indescribably uplifting.
The power we have to affect people simply by being there and helping is vastly underrated in our society. In
fact, it's plain unheard of. I believe this is the way charity was meant to be: Face to face, and personal. Giving
to faceless, nameless charities that sometimes give only cents on the dollar so pales in comparison to the
2Hands experience. Not only that, but the whole spiritual component is missing with the national charities, and
that, in the end, is the most important part.

So...THANK YOU for all that you do. NONE of this would happen without your
tireless efforts. Sleep well knowing you've had a hand in all the good
things that happen as a result of your website."
K - Tennessee