Meet the 2Hands Team
Jonathon: Co-Founder - Contact
Jonathon has devoted himself to working on 2Hands full time. So many people in
need. Regular people like you and I with no where to turn for help. It is our obligation
to reach out to these people. Jon has made it his mission to bring as many people to
the site as possible to hopefully bring an Angel to those in need.
Faith & Grace: Co-Founders
Faith, now a 6th grader at her Church's school, is empathetic and wise beyond her years,
Faith is obsessed with reading. Faith plans on becoming a veterinarian and farmer, and
wishes only smiles for everyone around her. Grace, a 2nd grader, loves white rice and
butter with a 'sprinkling' of salt. She also finds no fault in anyone and would sit by your
side forever.
Nicole: Co-Founder - Contact
Nicole, or BooBoo as her family calls her, recently graduated Valedictorian
from SFCC and now attends
Amherst College in Boston. She is finishing a
summer internship at the White House as a speech writer and wishes the
weather in DC was NOT SO HOT!!!
Kam: Board Member - Contact
Kam is the awesome brother to Jon, Nicole and Michelle. He is the 'awesome'
Uncle to Faith and Grace. He graduated from
University of Washington in 2000
with a degree in business and currently works as a Treasury Analyst at a bank.
He spends his spare time staring at himself in the
mirror, watching sports, being
an amazing brother, Uncle and friend while silently (NOT REALLY) rooting for the
Chicago Bears.
Welcome to 2Hands, where we're not just a team- we're a family! Take
this time as an opportunity to learn more about us, and consider
becoming members of our "extended family." If you would like to explore
opportunities for volunteering with 2Hands, please
contact us!
He has fallen..
I will help

She has fallen..
I will help

They have fallen..
We must help.

There are volunteers that are a part of our team that ask to remain
invisible. Let it be known we love each of them and thank them for
their help in keeping this resource functional.
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